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Winter 2020 (Jul 14)
Winter 2020 It is cold we are in a pandemic but there is nothing better than having a pet. We are here if you need us as always
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Puppy School

Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital
Puppy Class

Enjoying Puppy Preschool at Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital

Why Puppy Class?

  • A good, fun way to develop important 'dog-family' bonds and interactions.
  • Pivotal in setting up guidelines to puppy care and maintenance
  • A head start in training your puppy simple commands early, plus a trick or two.
  • Encourages the more sought-after behaviours, such as not biting, jumping of digging
  • A fun way to build your puppy's social skills, essential for a 'well balanced dog'

Our Training Method:

Our puppy training program is founded on basic canine learning theory and lots of positive reinforcement. The program focuses on building the pup-owner-vet relationship from early on to encourage desirable behaviours and a rewarding relationship. It is based on the Delta Canine Good Citizen program. This incorporates classical and operant conditioning techniques. Dogs are conditioned using positive rewards from verbal feedback such as "good dog", to links with rewarding situations like a game, a play or a treat. We encourage nice, simple commands, such as 'sit', 'down', 'come' and 'stay'.

Course Structure

  • The course is run by Senior Nurse Neil Coy and Veterinarian & Animal Behaviourist Pamela Tinsley
  • A five week course, consisting of one hour lessons per week, for puppies aged 8-16 weeks.
  • The course runs at Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital on Saturdays between 12:30-1:30pm.
  • Class size is limited to 4-8 puppies to encourage maximum participation in each class.
  • Each course is to be paid in full ($140 including GST) at the time of enrolment by cash or cheque only. This is non-refundable if cancellation is less than 14 days prior to the commencement of the course.
  • We recommend family involvement in dog training. Attendance by children over the age of five is encouraged. If you require any more than 2 spaces in class please notify the staff when you pay the deposit.

Puppy Requirements

Each puppy is required to be:

  • Healthy and vaccines up to date. We understand that puppies will be at different stages of vaccination depending on their age. However, puppies over 6 weeks of age should have received their first vaccination. Those over 12 weeks of age should have received their second vaccination and those over 16 weeks of age should have received their third & final vaccination for the year.
  • Up to date on worming. Worming should be done every 2 weeks until pups are 16 weeks of age. Thereafter they should be wormed every three months.

Plus we recommend puppies enrolling in puppy classes are:

  • Hungry. Do not feed them after breakfast on the morning of class, we provide training treats and rewards.
  • On a flat collar and lead.

Course Outcomes:

At the end of the program the PUPPY should:

  • Respond positively to its name
  • Greet people politely
  • Sit on cue
  • Be safely handled by family members
  • Come when called
  • Lie down on cue
  • Walk comfortably on a lead without pulling
  • Be socialised with other dogs, children and adults

At the end of the program you, the OWNER should:

  • Understand and be able to apply reward-based puppy training
  • Be able to safely handle and groom the puppy
  • Understand leadership skills and be able to apply house rules
  • Be informed on toilet training
  • Be informed on bite inhibition
  • Understand basic health care from parasite control to nutrition, de-sexing and vaccinations
  • Be able to manage problem behaviours such as jumping, biting barking and digging.

Feedback From Previous Participants:

Here are what some of our previous participants have had to say about our Puppy Classes:

  • "Very useful and feel very supported, thank you" - Luna's owner
  • "Great course and great teachers" - Quincy's owner
  • "Very useful, helpful and great for first time dog owners like me! Thankyou!" - Freida's owner
  • "It was great! Very informative, helpful and enjoyable" - Stella's owner


For further information please contact Neil Coy Tuesday- Friday: 9389 8411