Cat boarding

Need someone to look after your soul mate while you are away? We can keep a watchful eye on your little ones here in the clinic, ensuring they are happy and healthy.

Leaving your cats at Bondi Junction Vet whilst you go on holidays will give you the peace of mind knowing that skilled professionals are keeping a watchful eye on your little ones ensuring they are happy and healthy.

There are plenty of scratching posts and the cats are are allowed to roam free with supervision during the day time. The area opens to a secure outside Clearnet mesh enclosure for fresh air and sunshine.

The team who looks after the facility have eyes like hawks and pamper the guest kitties as if they are at home.

For protection, your cat must have a current annual F3 vaccination. Cat boarding is $25 per night per cat. This includes food, bedding, playtime and of course cuddles!

You can enquire or request a reservation using our form below, and also request to be placed on our cat boarding waitlist.

Cat boarding enquiry form

Use our contact form to send a reservation enquiry.
You can also contact the clinic to discuss availability:
(02) 9389 8411.