Our veterinary staff strive to provide you with the best comprehensive and preventative health care. Our services include annual check ups, vaccinations and wormingdental hygiene, skin care and nutritionmodern pathology, x-ray and imaginganimal dentistry and surgical procedures.

Why Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital?

Our staff are chosen for their knowledge, compassion and care for the animals they look after. We accept all animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, birds and wildlife. Whether healthy or injured, we can help with treatment, fostering and release to the wild.

Dr Julia Crawford has over forty years of experience and is skilled in all aspects of Veterinary General Practice. This includes medicine, surgery, dermatology, pathology , behavioural medicine, birds and exotic pets and international export. 

Dr Ray Chan  is also an experienced highly skilled general practitioner veterinarian. He enjoys medicine , surgery , dentistry, and exotics. 

Dr Tina Levy is a skilled, compassionate  and practical veterinarian with over twenty-five years of experience.

Dr Chris Brown loves to come in, consult and keep his skills up to date. He may not be here often due to other commitments but enjoys his time at the hospital when he can. 

Our Facilities

We provide a full range of veterinary services, cat boarding, adoptions and puppy school.

We have modern pathology, x-ray and imaging technologies on site as well as in-hospital equipment and we stock all the latest medications.

We are also able refer you to many specialist veterinarians for those more involved cases and have visiting specialists as well. 

Travelling overseas? Our AQIS-accredited veterinarians can help you navigate Australian Quarantine and the overseas travel requirements for your pet.

Our Services

Annual health checks, vaccinations & worming

Regular checkups help us gain a complete understanding of your pet’s health.

We recommend an annual health check with a thorough physical examination and we can advise you about vaccination requirements, worming, dental hygiene, skin care, nutrition and any other health aspect in order to keep your pet in tip-top condition.

Preventative health care & Nutrition

Keeping your pet healthy and happy with preventative health care is vitally important.

Our staff can answer many of your questions, and help you with many of the products associated with flea control, nutrition, skin conditions, arthritis relief, animal behaviour and general good old veterinary advice.

Desexing & Surgery

Routine surgical procedures are performed from Monday to Friday, with patients admitted between 8am and 9am.

Procedures include desexing, tumour & cancer surgeries, soft-tissue surgeries, orthopaedic & ophthalmic surgeries, cruciate ligament repairs, dislocations and fracture repairs. We may recommend a pre-anaesthetic blood test to determine your pet’s health status prior to surgery.

Anaesthesia &
Pain-management, palliative care and euthenasia

Anaesthesia and pain-management are an important part of our surgical protocols. Modern veterinary anaesthetics are very safe and very short acting.

Our practice has up to date monitoring equipment and excellent nursing staff with additional training in anaesthetics on hand at all times. Please discuss any concerns with us beforehand.

End of life palliative care and euthenasia are part of the compassionate care we give to our patients. We do in practice and at home euthenasias so that you are looked after by the vets who have known and cared for  your pet, 

Veterinary Dentistry

Similar to their owners, animals need regular dental checks and care. Smelly mouths and breath can be signs of plaque build up and dental disease. Teeth and gum disease can lead to illnesses such as Gingivitis and Periodontitis.

We can examine your pet’s mouth and give advice on dietary prevention, dental hygiene or even a dental procedure such as a tartar scale and polish to eliminate these conditions.

Overseas travel / AQIS

Dr. Julia Crawford and Dr. Ray Chan are AQIS-accredited veterinarians with more than 25 years experience with animal exports. As each country has different requirements we like to discuss these procedures with you prior to your making an appointment with us.

The Australian Government  website also has detailed information on your pet’s overseas travel requirements.

Wildlife treatment

We accept all wildlife, healthy or injured, for treatment where possible, fostering or release to the wild in association with WIRES, Sydney Met or qualified wildlife carers.

We do not charge for this service. We appreciate our clients care in bringing these suffering animals in for us to look after.

Please ring the Wildlife carers WIRES 1300 094 737 or Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife (02) 9413 4300 and then us if you are concerned about picking up wildlife.  Be aware that wild animals can injure us or be the vectors of diseases.