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Winter 2020 (Jul 14)
Winter 2020 It is cold we are in a pandemic but there is nothing better than having a pet. We are here if you need us as always
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Services we provide at BJVH

Preventative Health Care

Keeping your pet healthy and happy with preventative health care is vitally important.

We recommend an Annual Health Check with a thorough physical examination and we can advise you about vaccination requirements, worming, dental hygiene, skin care, nutrition and any other health aspect in order to keep your pet in tip-top condition.

Medical Care

We consider that communication is a most important factor in this area with you as the voice for your pet as listening to your observations and history helps us complete our physical examination. We may subsequently recommend pathology or other tests as required and then we implement therapy.

We have modern pathology, x-ray and imaging technologies on site as well as in-hospital equipment and we stock all the latest medications.

We are also able refer you to many specialist veterinarians for complete health care for those more involved cases.

We are happy to look after those little pets such as rabbits, rats and guinea pigs - Dr Julia has owned many guinea pigs and birds over the years.


Routine surgical procedures are performed from Monday to Friday, with patients admitted between 8am and 9am. Please ensure you have followed any pre-surgical information given by your vet or nurse, such as no food or water on the morning of the procedure. We may recommend a Pre-anaesthetic blood test to determine your pet’s health status prior to surgery.

Dr Tony Mosman has a special interest in orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery and is qualified to use the PennHip technique for screening hip dysplasia. He is a board member of Guide Dogs NSW.

Dr Julia Crawford is interested in reconstructive and soft tissue surgery and also treatment of those above-mentioned pocket pets.


Modern veterinary anaesthetics are very safe and very short acting. Our practice has up to date monitoring equipment and excellent nursing staff with additional training in anaesthetics on hand at all times. Please discuss any concerns with us beforehand.

Animal Behaviour

In sorting out those tricky anti-social situations it is important to remember that every animal has an individual personality - with our wealth of experience in dealing with these we will sit down with you and your pet and work out the best way to manage the problem.

Veterinary Dentistry

There is nothing worse than being kissed by a dog or cat with a smelly mouth or sitting in a car with a panting dog with dental disease. Teeth and gum disease can also lead to other illnesses. We can examine your pet’s mouth and give advice on dietary prevention, dental hygiene or even a dental procedure such as a tartar scale and polish to eliminate these conditions.

Veterinary Nursing

Our veterinary nurses are chosen for their knowledge, compassion and care for the animals they look after.  With their advanced nursing skills they can answer many of your questions, and help you with many of the products associated with flea control, nutrition, skin conditions, arthritis relief, behaviour and general good old veterinary advice.

Overseas Travel /AQIS

Dr. Tony Mosman, Dr. Julia Crawford and Dr. Ray Chan are AQIS-accredited veterinarians with more than 15 years experience with animal exports. As each country has different requirements we like to discuss these procedures with you prior to your making an appointment with us. The Australian Quarantine website (Animex) has most information on your pet’s overseas travel requirements.

Emergency Vet

Please ring us on (02) 9389 8411 for our after hours emergency service. We have three resident staff who answer the phones and look after animals in care overnight.

Cat Adoption Centre

We are proud to be one of the most successful cat adoption centres in Australia and have found homes for hundreds of cats and kittens. Please ring us for advice if you are looking for a new friend.

Cat Boarding

Leaving your cats at Bondi Junction Vet whilst you go on holidays will give you the peace of mind knowing that skilled professionals are keeping a watchful eye on your little ones ensuring they are happy and healthy. There are plenty of scratching posts and the cats are also  allowed to roam free with supervision during the daytime. The area opens to a secure outside Clearnet mesh enclosure for fresh air and sunshine. The team who looks after the facility have eyes like hawks and pamper the guest kiitties as if they are at home.

For protection, your cat must have a current Annual F3 vaccination. Cat boarding is $25 per night per cat, this includes food, bedding, playtime and of course cuddles!

Dog Boarding

We are an agent for the long established, extremely popular Hanrob Kennels at Heathcote, Australia’s premier dog and cat boarding and training facility. Your pet can be dropped off with and picked up from us, being driven in air-conditioned comfort to and from this outstanding centre.

Please visit to see their facilities


Cat Grooming- For those long-haired tangles and knots, we are able to help. Small knots we can usually clip or comb out, but more extensively tangled cats will need sedation to light anaesthetics for us to successfully clip the coat evenly. We then shampoo the skin and treat any associated skin problems.

Dog Grooming- We recommend the team at Planet Pooch for all your dog grooming needs. For more details, please visit

Pet Products

Here at the clinic we stock a wide range of dog and cat food, flea and tick products, pet accessories and much more. We also understand that our customers lead busy lives and may not always have the time to drop into the clinic during opening hours. For this reason we recommend an online company called ''obay''. Obay will deliver your products direct to your door, saving you time.

By following this unique link you will receive a discount on your products because you are a client of Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital.

Puppy Preschool

Neil Coy, our practice manager, in association with Dr Pam Tinslay, our behaviourist,conducts Puppy School every Saturday morning after 12 noon. This is an ideal start for new or recent owners to learn all the ropes and for the puppies to gain all their life social skills All puppies 10 to 16 weeks old are welcome, provided their vaccinations are current. Please contact us for more details.

Wildlife Treatment

We accept all wildlife, healthy or injured, for treatment where possible, fostering or release to the wild in association with WIRES, Sydney Met or qualified wildlife carers. We do not charge for this service. We appreciate our clients care in bringing these suffering animals in for us to look after. Please ring if you are concerned about picking up wildlife and remember to be particularly careful in regards to bats and flying foxes.