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Winter 2020 (Jul 14)
Winter 2020 It is cold we are in a pandemic but there is nothing better than having a pet. We are here if you need us as always
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Our Vet Nurses

Neil Coy Degree in Applied Zoology, Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing, Veterinary Technician

After training and working at BJVH for 20 years, Senior Veterinary Nurse and Practice Manager Neil is known for his experience with and compassion for animals.

He has a Science Degree in Applied Zoology that he completed when he lived in the UK. Currently Neil is especially interested in the areas of Animal Behaviour and Veterinary Dentistry.

Neil runs the puppy school here at the clinic each week with Dr. Pam Tinsley (Veterinarian and Animal Behaviourist). Neil owns three rescued cats.

Gardening is what you’ll find him doing during his free time as he greatly enjoys growing his own fruits and vegetables.

Liesl Chan de Weyer Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Liesl has worked at BJVH since 2008. She is  An obvious animal lover, she houses a menagerie of animals at home including a bearded dragon, snake, fish, two rabbits, two catsand a parrot.

Liesl has a special interest in surgery and pathology which is why you might not see her at reception all too often.

Outside of her love of animals Liesl is a big fan of musicals and adventure sports, she also runs Girl Guides every week.

She is a big Doctor Who fan so if you fancy yourself a 'Whovian' feel free to quiz her next time you visit the clinic.

Barbara Hernandez Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Barbara (AKA "Babs") started her career in hospitality but always knew there had to be more to life than that. We think the change of career had something to do with "Indi", a little and very sweet Dachsund cross who must have whispered in her ear "Babs, there is a place where you can enjoy your work and make puppies like me better..."

Babs likes long walks on the beach, mariachi music and sausage dogs.