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Winter 2020 (Jul 14)
Winter 2020 It is cold we are in a pandemic but there is nothing better than having a pet. We are here if you need us as always
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The Goat Blog

Here are the most recent posts from The Goat Blog. We hope that you enojy reading them!

August is Dental Month

It is time for her to have her teeth cleaned again. Those smelly mouths are bad for your pet and not nice for us. Please give us a ring and organise your free dental check up in August and advice for caring for those precious teeth.

A Pleasant Walk at Vaucluse House

Beautiful Autumn Days .. perfect for for visiting Pan and her farmyard friends

Our New Website

While looking for things to nibble down in the treatment room, I heard the staff talking about the new website. "New website?", I thought, "I wonder if I feature in it?"

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