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: Ticks, ticks ticks

The paralyses tick( Ixodes Holocyclis ) is only found on the East Coast of Australia. The main animal hosts are Bandicoots and other ground dwelling native animals. The only good thing about not having many native animals in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is that tick poisoning in dogs that don't leave the area is relatively rare. That doesn't mean we don't see it or that a tick couldn't piggy back in from the Northern or Southern Coast or suburbs.

If you are traveling up or down the coast your dog or cat must have tick prevention. This could be a spotton ( applied every 2 weeks ) or a collar. If you are living in the Eastern suburbs and don't leave you need to be aware of the signs of tick poisoning of paralyuses. This could first show as weak hind legs or a change in the bark. Your dog may just be off colour or have problems swallowing.

If you find a tick remove it with a tick twister or tweezers. Then give us a ring for advice. We are happy to take your calls about this anytime. Its better to speak to us earlier an avoid problems.

Ticks poisoning can show up between 3-8 days after you have been away.

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