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: Black Dog

It is so easy to feel a bit down with the cold winter weather and shorter days. It's days like these that remind us of the benefits both mental and physical of owning a dog (and not necessarily a black one). Dogs get us out and about and exercising. They increase our social contact with other people and its so nice to have the attention on the dog not us. They provide us with physical contact and dispel that uncomfortable feeling of loneliness.

The positive benefits extend to other pets of course. Cats give the best cuddles and their purring is a relaxation cue for us after a day at work. Birds can be fabulous communicators and give so much love. Guinea Pigs shriek with pleasure over our vegetable scraps. Rabbits snuggle. Fish love to be fed.

Looking after a pet of any kind is so good for our sense of wellbeing! Its all about giving love.

We would love to help you find your perfect match and keep that relationship healthy and happy. Please ring us for advice on finding a pet or solving any health or wellbeing issues you have with your pet.

( If they are purely human black dog issues remember to visit the Balck Dog Institute website. )

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