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: Kitty Litter Capers

We cant handle using dirty public toilets and cats are pretty much the same. They hate change and changes in the brand, type or texture of the litter you use. This can put them off using the kitty litter tray. If it is dirty they often wont go. If they have to share it they might not want to use it. If it is in a public place or next to a new or noisy washing machine they may not want to use it. It is also recomended that you have one for each cat in a multicat hosehold and one spare. Three litter trays in a row are the same as one litter tray however. ( imagine two toilets in one bathroom )

Please be very aware when making changes to your cats toileting arrangements that you are not stopping them from using the tray in comfort. This is when we run into big issues with Urinary Tract Disese. Some of them get cystitis and others get constipated.

In the wild cats spend a lot of time chosing a spot, ensuring it is priovate, digging a hole and then coverng it. Replicating this is pretty hard in an apartment but we want to try to give them a bit of peace and quiet to achieve the necessary.

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