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 Neil Coy  Degree in Applied Zoology, Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing, Veterinary Technician

After training and working at BJVH for 14 years, Senior Veterinary Nurse and Practice Manager Neil is known for his experience with and compassion for animals.

He has a Science Degree in Applied Zoology that he completed when he lived in the UK. Currently Neil is especially interested in the areas of Animal Behaviour and Veterinary Dentistry.

Neil runs the puppy school here at the clinic each week with Dr. Pam Tinsley (Veterinarian and Animal Behaviourist). Neil owns two dogs Phoebe and Fraser, as well as two cats, Mookie and adopted rescue cat Quickers.

Gardening is what you’ll find him doing during his free time as he greatly enjoys growing his own fruits and vegetables.

 Liesl  van de Weyer  Certificate II in Veterinary Nursing

Liesl has worked at BJVH since 2008 and is nearing the end of her Veterinary Nurse studies. An obvious animal lover, she houses a menagerie of animals at home including a bearded dragon, snake, fish, two rabbits, cat and a parrot .
Liesl has a special interest in surgery and pathology which is why you might not see her at reception all too often.
Outside of her love of animals Liesl is a big fan of musicals and adventure sports, she also runs Girl Guides every week.
She is a big Doctor Who fan so if you fancy yourself a 'Whovian' feel free to quiz her next time you visit the clinic.

 Cheryl Gallagher  Certificate II Animal Studies

Cheryl has been at the clinic for over a year and a half.

She is currently studying Veterinary Nursing and loving learning all aspects of the clinic and surgeries.

Cheryl owns five cats of her own and is often opening her doors to many a foster kitten looking for a new home.

 Charlotte Paterson  Cert IV Veterinary Nursing


Charlotte Paterson  Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Charlotte has always had a love of animals and worked in the industry for over a decade. She loves the diversity of working in a veterinary hospital and never knowing what will walk through the door, along with the opportunity to offer sick animals the understanding and medical care they need to recover.

Charlotte enjoys working at BJVH for it's history, the diversity of its patients and it's long standing client base that are so dedicated to their pet's health and wellbeing.

She completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in Sydney before heading off to the UK where she worked at The Royal Veterinary College, London and in private practice in Essex.

Charlotte loves all animals for their ability to love unconditionally, live in the moment and their ability to teach humans patience and understanding.  She currently has a BJVH rescue kitty called Lawrence and a new addition to the family- a Ridgeback Cross  puppy called 'Lady' . Lady is currently mastering puppy classes, and working closely with the fantastic Bondi Behaviourist to get her of to a great start! Lady will be going on to do advanced training and agility classes in the future.

Charlotte enjoys any opportunity to gain knowledge and improve her nursing skills with ongoing education and would like to complete her Diploma of veterinary nursing in the future.

 Andrew Abood  Cert IV Veterinary Nursing



 Andrew has moved to Adelaide but we have left him up here because we are still very proud of his achievements as the fastest Vet Nurse swimmer ever!

Some of you may not know we have two stars that work at the vet clinic; both blonde, both love animals, both handsome, both have appeared on television and both are over 6 feet tall and don't fit through the doors at the clinic!
You may have heard of that Chris Brown guy, he is one star;  the other is Andrew Abood.
Andrew joined the clinic  1 year and a half ago. He grew up in the Gold Coast and now lives in Sydney where he is studying Vet Nursing.
When he is not studying you will find him in the swimming pool.. MOST of the time !
Andrew recently won the NSW State Open Championships for the 50 metre freestyle, swimming it in 22.38 seconds! Try holding your breath for that long!
You may even recognise him when he  featured on an ad for Energy Australia.
Chris certainly has some competition on his hands at the clinic.

If you haven't been lucky  enough to meet Andrew come and say hi, he'll be the one working as our friendly receptionist or taking care of your animals behind the scenes always with a smile on his face.

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